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Beyond Consultant - Partner

  • Robust organizational structure.
  • Extensive regional coverage.
  • Exceptional brand recognition and loyalty among Indian travelers.
  • Abundant talent pool with remarkable flexibility.
  • Proven expertise in managing diverse portfolios encompassing business hotels, resorts, apartment hotels, and institutional hospitality.
  • Convenience and cost-effectiveness in collaborating with a regional partner.
  • Strategic adaptability to cater to dynamic market demands and evolving customer preferences.

Delivering value through expertise

  • Expert technical service support
  • Extensive experience collaborating with top architects, designers, and consultants
  • Streamlined building designs and strategic facility planning
  • Leadership in implementing sustainable and eco-friendly industry practices
  • Seamless coordination with landscape specialists, lighting designers, and service consultants
  • Specialized expertise in kitchen and other crucial “heart-of-the-house” area planning

Human Resource Development & Training

  • Customized training modules
  • Continuous assessment mechanisms
  • Multi-Channel learning
  • Adaptive training techniques
  • Specialized senior management professionals dedicated to critical support functions.
  • Profound expertise in selecting and maintaining plant & machinery, prioritizing energy conservation and efficiency.
  • Focus on cost optimization and continuous day-to-day monitoring for operational excellence.

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